Dr. Olivia Blandford

Looking for a doctor with the expertise to help you, but also the warmth, humor, and kindness to make you feel comfortable?

Welcome! You can breathe a sigh of relief, because you found the right place. 

As a client, I always struggled to find a therapist whom I felt was truly present, engaged, and invested in my progress. I often found my counseling experiences were surface-level and half-hearted. Therefore, I strive to be the kind of therapist that I always wanted as a client: someone willing to dive deep and offer enthusiasm and encouragement along the way. You deserve nothing less.

I help individuals and couples with relationship problems like conflict, betrayal, loneliness, and estrangement, as well as the difficult feelings these problems bring. I also specialize in stress and trauma and am passionate about helping people make sense of highly stressful life events. With my background in neuroscience and love of physical activity, I have a strong appreciation for the mind-body connection and am proud to offer walking therapy. Finally, I believe in a positive approach in which I attune not only to your concerns, but also your strengths and what you are doing well.

My areas of interest and expertise include problems in relationships, trauma, depression, and mind-body wellness including walking therapy.

My style is warm, authentic, supportive, and active. I won’t just sit there and nod. With me, you can expect individual therapy and marital therapy that is quality, research-backed, and tailored to your needs. I see myself as a collaborator, a fellow human who gets what it’s like to struggle and can offer constructive feedback, celebrate your strengths, and help you reach a better understanding of yourself and others. We each bring knowledge to the table and can learn from each other, as good teammates do. I also value your input and feedback throughout therapy so I can make sure I deliver what you are needing.


Therapy takes tremendous courage. It also presents a beautiful opportunity to move forward differently in life.

I commend you for acknowledging your needs and would be honored to be part of your journey. For any questions or to see if we’re a good fit, do not hesitate to contact me at (281) 509-1010 or blandford@embracetw.com.

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